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Why should you attend ISO 14001:2015 Foundations?

Attending the ISO 14001 Foundations course offers several benefits and reasons why individuals and organizations should consider participation:


Attending the ISO 14001 Foundations course offers several benefits and reasons why individuals and organizations should consider participation:

Enhance Environmental Knowledge: The course provides a comprehensive understanding of ISO 14001 and environmental management principles. It equips attendees with valuable knowledge about environmental sustainability, regulations, and best practices.

Gain Competitive Advantage: ISO 14001 certification is globally recognized and demonstrates an organization's commitment to environmental responsibility. By attending the ISO 14001 Foundations course, individuals can learn how to implement effective environmental management systems, giving their organization a competitive edge in the market.

Meet Compliance Requirements: Many industries have environmental regulations that organizations must comply with. The ISO 14001 Foundations course helps individuals understand these requirements and guides them in developing strategies to ensure compliance, reducing the risk of penalties and legal issues.

Improve Environmental Performance: Attending the course empowers individuals to identify and manage environmental aspects and impacts effectively. They can learn how to set environmental objectives, monitor performance, and implement continual improvement practices, leading to enhanced environmental performance.

Foster Sustainable Practices: The course promotes a proactive approach to environmental management, encouraging individuals to adopt sustainable practices within their organizations. Participants can learn how to minimize waste, reduce resource consumption, and mitigate environmental risks, contributing to long-term sustainability.

Engage Stakeholders: Effective communication is crucial in environmental management. The ISO 14001 Foundations course provides insights into engaging stakeholders and effectively communicating environmental initiatives, promoting transparency, and building trust among stakeholders.

Professional Development: Attending the ISO 14001 Foundations course demonstrates a commitment to professional development and staying up-to-date with industry standards. It enhances participants' skills and expertise in environmental management, opening up career advancement opportunities.

In summary, attending the ISO 14001 Foundations course offers the chance to acquire knowledge, comply with regulations, improve environmental performance, foster sustainable practices, engage stakeholders, and enhance professional development. It is a valuable investment for individuals and organizations aiming to excel in environmental management and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.


The learning objectives of the ISO 14001:2015 Foundation course include?


Understanding ISO 14001:2015: The course aims to provide participants with a clear understanding of the ISO 14001:2015 standard. It covers the purpose, structure, and key concepts of the standard, ensuring individuals grasp its fundamentals.


Familiarization with Environmental Management Systems (EMS): Participants will gain knowledge about the principles and requirements of an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on ISO 14001:2015. They will understand the benefits of implementing an EMS and its role in achieving environmental objectives.


Comprehending the Context of the Organization: The course focuses on helping individuals understand how to identify and analyze the internal and external factors that can influence an organization's environmental performance. Participants will learn how to determine relevant interested parties, compliance obligations, and environmental aspects.


Understanding the Planning Process: Participants will learn about the planning requirements of ISO 14001:2015. This includes setting environmental objectives, establishing action plans, and addressing risks and opportunities related to environmental aspects.


Implementing Environmental Management Practices: The course covers the implementation phase of an EMS. Participants will gain knowledge on resource allocation, roles and responsibilities, operational controls, and emergency preparedness and response.


Monitoring and Measuring Environmental Performance: Individuals will learn how to establish a system for monitoring, measuring, analyzing, and evaluating an organization's environmental performance. This includes assessing compliance, conducting internal audits, and managing non-conformities.


Continual Improvement and Management Review: The course emphasizes the importance of continual improvement in environmental management. Participants will understand the processes of evaluating performance, implementing corrective actions, and conducting management reviews to drive ongoing improvement.


By achieving these learning objectives, participants will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to support the implementation and maintenance of an effective environmental management system based on ISO 14001:2015.


Educational approach:

The ISO 14001:2015 Foundation course follows an educational approach that aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the ISO 14001:2015 standard and its practical application. The educational approach typically includes: Theory and Concepts: The course begins by introducing participants to the theoretical concepts and principles of environmental management systems (EMS) and ISO 14001:2015. It covers the key terms, definitions, and requirements of the standard, ensuring a solid foundation of knowledge.

Interactive Discussions: To enhance engagement and understanding, the course may include interactive discussions. Participants can actively participate in group discussions, share experiences, and ask questions, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

Case Studies: Case studies are often utilized to illustrate the real-world application of ISO 14001:2015. By analyzing practical examples and scenarios, participants can gain insights into how the standard can be implemented and its impact on organizations.

Practical Exercises: Practical exercises are designed to enable participants to apply their knowledge and skills. These exercises may involve identifying environmental aspects, developing environmental objectives, or conducting a mock audit, allowing participants to put theory into practice. Learning Materials and Resources: Course participants are provided with learning materials such as handouts, presentations, and reference materials. These resources support the learning process by providing additional information, practical examples, and references for further study. Assessments and Quizzes: Periodic assessments and quizzes may be incorporated to evaluate participants' understanding of the course content. These assessments help reinforce learning and identify areas that may require additional clarification or review.

Expert Facilitation: The course is facilitated by experienced trainers or subject matter experts who have in-depth knowledge of ISO 14001:2015 and environmental management. They guide participants through the course material, provide explanations, and address any queries or challenges that may arise.

The educational approach of the ISO 14001:2015 Foundation course aims to create an interactive and engaging learning experience, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application. By employing various instructional methods and resources, participants can develop a solid understanding of ISO 14001:2015 and its implementation within an environmental management context.



Courses duration:

Day-1: Introduction to Environmental Management system concepts, EMS and

Clauses 4–6 of ISO 14001, Clauses 7–10 of ISO 14001 and certificate exam

Total number of hours: 08/1 day

Methods of Training: online/offline


*      Examination Methods:  


The exam fully satisfies the QFS Management System LLP Examination and Certificate Programme standards. 


For further information on test type, languages provided, and other aspects, please contact the Supporting Team for QFS Exams download materials and the Examination Rules and Policies.



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